I like to do research in the sweet spot between programming languages and systems. I am an active contributor in the Graal.js project, and I am involved in other projects based on GraalVM. My research interests include managed language runtimes (aka Language VMs), dynamic program analysis, runtime optimization and performance, parallelism, and broadly speaking Data processing systems and Cloud computing. I am especially interested in all possible interactions between language VMs and other systems (such as RDBMSs, datalflow systems, FaaS frameworks, etc.), and I enjoy to build real stuff.

Selected Conference Publications

  • ECOOP2019 Automated Large-Scale Multi-Language Dynamic Program Analysis in the Wild
  • CGO2019 Reasoning about the Node.js event loop using async graphs
  • SoCC2018 ScootR: Scaling R Dataframes on Dataflow Systems
  • CC2018 Efficient Dynamic Analysis for Node.js.
  • VLDB2017 FAD.js: Fast JSON data access using JIT-based speculative optimization.
  • OOPSLA2016 GEMs: shared-memory parallel programming for Node.js.
  • OOPSLA2016 Efficient and Thread-Safe Objects for Dynamically-Typed Languages.
  • EuroPar2016 Lightweight multi-language bindings for Apache Spark.
  • PPPJ2014 An Object Storage Model for the Truffle Language Implementation Framework.
  • PPoPP2013 TigerQuoll: Parallel Event-based JavaScript.
  • EuroPar 2012 Node.Scala: Implicit Parallel Programming for High-Performance Web Services.
  • PPoPP2012 S: a Scripting Language for High-Performance RESTful Web Services.

Links and other papers can be found on my scholar profile.


I am organizing VMIL at SPLASH2019. I am a regular reviewer for journals (e.g., ACM TACO, the VLDBJ), and conferences/workshops (e.g., Middleware, Meta, Reflect, ICWE, SC, etc.)